Why Sea Freight?

Sea is the most cheap mode of transportation. Not matter a simple package or a whole container or containers, our sea freight service is an efficient and financially viable option for transporting any kind packages overseas.

We are shipping both commercial and personal items to different countries throughout the world at minimal expense and shorted time.

We are specialists in shipping all kinds of items around the world using our celebrated sea freight service.

How Long it the Transit Time?

Transit time may vary  depending on the final destination. Normally transit times can vary between 3 to 8 weeks. Again sometimes i may take longer time in certain destination and also depending on the weather conditions and unexpected circumstances.

How the charges are calculated?

In sea shipment, primarily the volume determines the cost yet weight limit is there. Sea freight shipments are charged “per cubic meter”, so we would always need to know the size of the shipment before we can advise the final cost. You can use the Calculator in our website to determine your chargeable volume and weight.

Is there any restrictions of goods to ship via sea?

Product that can be ship via sea or not depends of the regulation of he countries concerned. Please contact us or customs for details of the up to dated information.